Problem when the car shakes when braking? 3 main reasons.

Have you ever encountered a problem when the car shakes when braking?


  • Sometimes it seems that motorists can talk about their iron horses for hours, especially if it comes to any breakdowns. Car vibrates when brakes are applied, is this situation familiar?


  • If not yet, you’re in luck, but you shall come on it sooner or later. It is normal that you want not only quickly and comfortably move in the car, but also feel safe during driving. Sometimes the driver has questions such as: Why is my car shaking?


  • Why does my steering wheel shake? Why does my car shake when I brake? etc. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for these effects.


  • When the car is shaking, usually it is necessary to pay attention to 3 main reasons:


1. The problem with the tires. 



  • Poor tires / worn tires / lose nuts after the last tire change. It is not difficult to identify this breakdown, you will immediately feel how car shakes when driving, the wheel can also vibrate (check this, such as usually the steering wheel vibrates at a speed of 50-55 miles per hour (mph) but disappears at a speed of 60 mph and more).


2. Defective Brake Rotors and Brake Pads 



  • What causes a car to shake when braking? The cause of such a malfunction is considered to be defects in the brake disc. Pay attention when driving how your car reacts when braking. Usually, in such cases, the service station master hears the following complaints: my car shakes when I brake or steering wheel shaking when braking.


  • Visually, Brake Rotors and Pads should not have any cracks, grooves, obvious damage. If you notice any of the above, contact a car repair shop right away for troubleshooting. The problem has not been identified and you again ask the same question: why does my car shake? It is also possible that you may have a fault with means of support, or the bushings.


3. A brake caliper sticks on. 



  • How to define it? At a vehicle speed of 50-55 miles per hour (mph), the steering wheel vibrates, and with acceleration, the situation only worsens.


  • Having understood the reasons, it is necessary to eliminate them in short lines.


  • You should come to the service station to diagnose and repair your car. Be ready to answer a series of questions like procedure after which vibration occurs, driving style, dates of the last vehicle maintenance and tire replacement that will help an auto mechanic to understand what causes the car to shake when braking, why front end wobble when driving or front end of car shakes when braking, etc.


  • If your car shakes when braking (which indicates a problem with Brake Rotors and Brake Pads), this will not affect your driving safety.


These failures can be fixed quickly and easily. You need to follow these steps:


  • Always keep an eye on your tires, Tires are your safety on the road. Buy quality tires, change them on time.


  • Before you drive, you must be sure that the brake system of the car is fully functional, otherwise, you risk your own life. 


  • Do scheduled car maintenance on time, contact auto mechanics if you have any minor problems with your car and you will never have to worry about your safety while driving.



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