6 common reasons why car wont start

6 common reasons why car wont start

  • It happened to you when all day is scheduled, you get in the car in the morning, and the car won’t start? At such moments, feelings of helplessness and frustration prevail over common sense. Caution: if you have turned the ignition key but the vehicle will not start, never hold the key in the ON position for more than 15 seconds as there is a risk of damage to the starter motor.


  • Do you have any ideas on how to solve this problem? To avoid such situations, 6 basic failures are described below, during which the machine may not start, as well as options for solving them. Some of them are quite simple and can be eliminated by the drivers on their own, but there are options when you can not do without the help of professionals and special equipment or electronic diagnostics.


1. Discharged battery 



  • Couldn’t you start the car? The first thing to do in this case is to check the battery charging. Owners of cars need to be careful, because turning on the ignition and leaving it for a while, the battery will use up its supply for additional options (for example, headlights, music, etc.). But the good news is that this is not a critical problem and very soon you will drive again, as usual.


  • If the problem recurs from time to time, you should check and eliminate any corrosion around the battery terminals, but if this does not become a solution, the only thing left is to replace the battery.


2. Starter Issues




  • After you have studied the user manual and suspected problems with the starter, first of all, eliminate the cause of the breakdown, such as a discharged battery.


  • Pay attention to the sound when turning the key. A series of characteristic clicks indicates a starter breakdown, so you need to contact the nearest service station to replace it. 


  • When starting the motor, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules, for example, turn on the starter for just a few seconds. This is explained by the following: when the starter is turned on, a very high current flows through its windings, and the longer this happens, the greater the likelihood of burnout. Between unsuccessful attempts to start the car, you must pause at least 1 minute.


3. Damaged Alternator






  • Do you know the principles of alternator work? It generates electricity while you drive and it stores excess electrical power in the battery in order to ensure the car will be able to start the next time you need it to. But if you notice a malfunction in his work, you should always buy a new one.


4. Broken ignition switch




  • Having trouble turning the key? Or you turn the key, but the car will not start, these are definitely problems with the ignition switch. Pay attention to this particular reason if your car tries to start but won’t turn over.


5. Lack of ignition of fuel




  • If the battery cranks, but the car does not start, you need to contact the service station for a comprehensive check and repair of the vehicle.


6. Fuel supply 




  • For normal car operation, several factors are necessary:

– ignition

– air

– fuel

– compression


  • At minus temperatures, it is likely that the fuel may simply freeze and the car will not start. Now there are a number of auxiliary means to avoid such problems, drivers are required to monitor weather forecasts.


  • At low outside temperatures, all chemical processes slow down, so if you need to start the car, strictly follow the vehicle’s operating instructions, otherwise, your car won’t start with a new battery.




  • Always monitor the quality of the fuel, as poor-quality fuel can lead to a number of problems with the engine, fuel system, ignition system, etc. As soon as you feel the symptoms of bad gas, change the gas station.


  • What happens when your car runs out of gas? Sure, you can not start a car. Such a banal problem may be the lack of fuel due to incorrect information about the fuel level in the tank.


  • A clogged fuel filter or a faulty fuel pump may cause the car won’t start with a new battery. The fuel filter is responsible for filtering the fuel and it requires replacement approximately every 37.282 mi. If this recommendation is not followed, because of the additional load, the gas pump will fail, and this is already a more serious breakdown. If you are a regular driver, you should contact a car service to solve such breakdowns.


  • Weak compression in the engine can cause the engine to not start. Such a breakdown requires repair or replacement of the engine.


  • If Mazda won’t start, you can do a self-test by referring to the points described above, and also check the PCV valve, which is responsible for the fuel pressure.


  • Your car won’t start but the battery is good no click, do not try to fix the situation yourself, as your actions can only aggravate the condition of the car. 


  • If you encounter any problems, as a result of which the car battery won’t start, the most correct solution is to deliver your car to a service station using a tow truck.


  • It is always better to warn a problem than to fix it. Therefore, always do scheduled maintenance of the vehicle, change filters and oils in time to prevent serious damage. There are a number of other reasons why the engine will not start, for example, Exhaust Gas Recirculation malfunctions or problems with the control unit. As a rule, only the master can fix such defects, so do not waste time and very soon you will enjoy driving again.


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